Our Team

The team is comprised of communications professionals whose visual arts and design expertise optimizes accommodation of the client’s creative and operational needs. As part of the services offered, each client is assigned a Vice President and Account Manager/Coordinator to oversee their project, and that project will in turn receive final supervision and direction from the President. Blue Medium also draws support from an extensive network of freelance and design professionals, and even hosts an internship program focused on establishing and nurturing public relation careers within the creative community.

John Melick
President & Founder

Michelle DiLello
Vice President, Architecture & Design

Andy Cushman
Account Director

Maleia R. Sheflin
Office Manager

Andrea Klabanova
Account Coordinator, Architecture & Design

David Simantov
Account Coordinator

Gary Grimes
Account Coordinator

Kat Mills
Asia-Pacific Associate

Michael Sheridan



In concert with its event partner Fremont Blue Events, Blue Medium also works to offer clients creative event conceptualization and management, paired with professional communications strategies.

In concert with its digital content and strategy partner Bower Blue, Blue Medium also works to offer clients content services, paired with professional communications strategies.